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The project "Biostillness"

Hello all

Mar Ximenis and Carlos Rodeiro met during Carlos’ Cardiovascular Biodynamics training in Madrid.

From the conversations during the courses and after countless telephone conversations between Germany and the Empordà, the idea of creating a virtual training platform emerged, back in January 2020.

The confinement experienced from March of this year has made the idea even more meaningful and we have accelerated the creation of the platform, which we have called BioStillness.

We both share a broad vision, wanting to give voice to the different forms of craniosacral, both biodynamic and biomechanical, osteopathy and other disciplines linked in some way to this world. For this we count on the experience of a group of teachers and professionals with great expertise and recognized trajectory in their fields of knowledge.

We also want to strengthen the links between the international community, between therapists, teachers and students of all branches of craniosacral.

We are convinced that by going together we will strengthen and open new ways in this discipline, which is not only a therapy, but also an art and a way of understanding life.

Mar & Carlos


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